SelfQuest iPad Testimonials

In July, 2014, Apple finally approved SelfQuest for the iPad. We are looking forward to more reviews here.

“I didn’t think SelfQuest could possibly get any better, then it did – an app was developed for the iPad. The co-creators of the Innerbonding process, Drs. Paul and Chopich have now made a portable, affordable, deep, life changing healing possible.  SelfQuest is a transformational experience. There is no other self guided program in existence that will take you to the depths of your maladaptive behaviors and childlike coping strategies and teach you how to be a “loving adult” (*Innerbonding terminology) accountable for your own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We are all beautiful, joy filled, loving beings who had to learn to survive on a difficult planet with complicated relationships, abuses, neglect and a number of other injustices. SelfQuest can truly help you reclaim the best parts of yourself while eliciting lasting healing from addictions, abuse and other challenges. It’s not magic, it’s hard work that can get messy and that requires patience as you are pealing “the onion”. There are many layers that will need your attention and it’s worth every moment. Some rewards of this program are instant, others take time, practice and diligence. Please give yourself this opportunity, possibly this is your first “loving action”, (*Innerbonding terminology) and download this app. Follow the program as recommended, ask for professional help when and/or if you need it and experience the rewards of Innerbonding and SelfQuest, because you are courageous, you have value, you are loved and you deserve everything that your beautiful life has to offer you. “
–Kate Hutchens, LICSW