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Are your employees performing to their full potential?

SelfQuest® shows you and your employees how to self-heal the fears and false beliefs that keep otherwise highly functioning individuals trapped in self-destructive patterns.

Do your employees know what to do to reach their potential and make their job more fulfilling?

SelfQuest® frees up suppressed energy that is wasted on the destructive intent to control feelings, other people and outcomes, resulting in greater creativity and productivity.

Do you want your employees to have lasting freedom from anxiety, depression, addictions, and endless conflicts at work and at home? Do you want them to know how to resolve conflict so that their energy is not wasted and instead is funneled into creativity and productivity?

SelfQuest® shows individuals how to self-heal anxiety, depression, addictions, and failed relationships by addressing the pervasive pattern of self-abandonment/shame that cause these issues.



SelfQuest® – The Personal Toolbox for Managing Life’s Challenges

According to psychologists and researchers from around the world – including studies by Ed Denener, Martin Seligman, Daniel Goldman, Stephen Post, Ruut Veenhoven and John Helliwell – they have concluded the following:

  • Happy individuals are more likely than their less happy peers to have fulfilling, positive relationships, superior work performance and robust health.
  • Happier employees tend to get better performance evaluations.

Happier employees also tend to have more mastery over themselves and their surroundings in order to achieve higher goals. They are more serious, intentional and organized about accomplishments and are persistent, autonomous and responsible.

Much of your employees’ suffering up to this point, not only comes from faulty beliefs, but from having no way of healing these limiting beliefs and of discovering the truth about themselves.

SelfQuest® not only shows your employees how to self-heal their false beliefs, but it also shows them how to access the powerful truth about themselves that will change their life for the better… forever!

Which means a happier and more productive employee for your business.

SelfQuest® – Your answers to your employee’s life-stressing problems

A note from Jason Webb

SelfQuest® is a personal transformational self-healing and conflict resolution online program, offering a new era of rapid and permanent personal development that enhances physical and emotional health, leading to greater productivity and fewer sick days.

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SelfQuest® was developed by Drs. Margaret Paul and Erika Chopich, best selling authors of many self-help books that have been translated into numerous languages and are available internationally. You may have seen them on Oprah, or heard them on other radio and TV programs.

They have helped thousands of people with common, as well as severe, life challenges. Through a lifetime of research and dedication to the well being of their clients, they have co-developed a powerful process that has made true and lasting self-improvement a reality for tens of thousands of followers, world-wide.

SelfQuest® is the result of many years of development and testing, which is the result of over 68 combined years that they have each been working to develop the Inner Bonding® process. Now this powerful, self-healing process is available in the form of an encrypted online program that delivers both rapid and lasting results.

SelfQuest® advanced transformational technology is designed to move individuals out of feeling like victims and into personal responsibility for their feelings and behavior. It will transform their thinking out of patterns of shame and self-abandonment and into compassionate caring for themselves and others.

Using SelfQuest®, your employees will finally self-heal the core shame of believing that they are not good enough. They will heal self-abandonment and problems with spouses, partners, friends, kids, family, co-workers, aloneness, emptiness, anxiety, depression, and addictions. SelfQuest creates profound connections within themselves and others that heals emptiness, aloneness, and loneliness, unleashing creativity, imagination, passion and purpose, love and joy, health and wellbeing, and increased productivity!

A note from Levette

The fact that you’re here reading this means you sense the gap between where your employees are now and where you truly would like them to be.

You already know that your employees thrive when given the best possible work environment.

You’ve learned that it is very important for them to know that management cares. Offering Selfquest® as a support for them provides the sense of community and culture of inclusion that leads employees to feel that they matter.

The mentoring that SelfQuest® provides creates the open environment that leads to honesty and trust, and helps your employees realize their hopes, dreams and goals.

Employees need to feel supported by both management and fellow employees. By its very nature, SelfQuest® creates the experience of being deeply supported in being all they can be.

So how does this self-healing program work?

SelfQuest® works with both the conscious and sub-conscious mind: While your employees do the practice and follow the SelfQuest® program, they rapidly become conscious of the beliefs and behavior patterns that cause their suffering and relationship problems.

Many clients have reported that their consciousness started to ‘shift’ to a higher state of awareness, allowing them to experience more joy and be more present.

SelfQuest® goes beyond other self help programs

Approval can be very gratifying…for the moment. But seeking constant approval to feel adequate and worthy guarantees unhappiness.

The SelfQuest® process facilitates the healing of the underlying shame and insecurity that leads to the approval-seeking that is responsible for so many relationship and self-esteem challenges.

The technology presented in SelfQuest® guides individuals through their personal history and behavior profile, helping them become aware of their fears and limiting beliefs. SelfQuest® helps them recognize any uncaring, destructive, and self-abandoning behaviors they may be experiencing.

A note from Reverend Pat

As an employer, you will experience…

  • Your business earning potential increasing exponentially as employee absenteeism drops.
  • Your employee relationships with each other and at home becoming healthy.
  • Your business running smoothly with far fewer conflicts.

The power of the SelfQuest® Inner Bonding® process is that it self-heals the limiting beliefs – programmed in by our culture – that limit productivity, honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness.

The technology presented in SelfQuest® guides your employees through their personal history and behavior profile, helping them become aware of fears and limiting beliefs.

SelfQuest® helps them recognize any uncaring or destructive behaviors they may be experiencing, that limit their potential or cause conflicts at work.

Inside the SelfQuest® transformational healing solution, they will be taken through the Six Steps of Inner Bonding®, to resolve both inner conflicts and outer relationship issues.

Your employees will experience how to access their productive self, how to take responsibility for their feelings, and how to learn from their anxieties and difficulties. SelfQuest® will guide them to access the spiritual truth and power that enables them to heal self-limiting beliefs and take loving action for themselves and with others.

Your Business Growth Awaits!

In a competitive global economy in which companies are struggling to survive and succeed, recruitment, retention and engagement of the top talent have become critical management challenges. If happy workers are more productive workers, it is incumbent upon employers and their managers to make a happy frame of mind a criteria for hiring, and also create working conditions that encourage happiness. Consider SelfQuest® as one of your most significant strategies for improving bottom-line performances.


Dr. Margaret Paul, Ph.D., and Dr. Erika Chopich, Ph.D.


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