Affiliate Workshop

SelfQuest® has a high level of capability to help a wide variety of people. Because it is applicable in so many different areas of society, there are many opportunities for affiliates to sell to these segments of the population:

  • Marriage/Relationships
  • Parenting
  • Personal Growth – self-healing of anxiety and depression
  • Churches – Both religious and spiritual growth
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Health and Wellness/Alternative Medicine
  • Education: High Schools and Universities
  • Corporations/Business Environments
  • Prisons and the VA – for returning vets

While it is not mandatory, we encourage you to complete the entire SelfQuest program at least once. This will be very helpful to you in having the passion for the program and the knowledge of the program that helps to sell it. This is not a program that you can easily sell without understanding exactly how it works and the ability of it to create the self-healing of anxiety, depression, addictions and relationships.

SelfQuest Modules

In order to answer a prospective customer’s questions, you also need to be able to speak about each module. Each successive module offers a deepening of the self-healing process. The more you understand what each module is about, the easier time you will have selling the program.

Module 1 – The Foundation

Module 1 guides you in the exploration of your personal history and your belief system. You will become aware of the many false beliefs that are currently limiting you in manifesting your full potential. You will know the root causes of the behaviors that hold you back.

Tools in Module 1:

  • In-depth exploration of your personal history
  • Your ‘Behavior Profile.’ Explore your fears and false beliefs that keep you limited. Recognize the causes of unproductive, unhealthy beliefs and behaviors.
  • Visualizations to help you in your learning and growth
  • Charts of the Process
  • Glossary and other Learning Opportunities

Module 2 – The Process

Module 2 is the Heart of SelfQuest, offering you a powerful way of learning and using the profound Six Steps of Inner Bonding.

You start with picking a situation on one of two tracks:

  • A conflict or problem with another person
  • A problem within yourself

Then Module 2 guides you through the Six Steps of Inner Bonding relating to your situation in a very in-depth way.

You learn how to:

  • Connect with your feelings and your spiritual Guidance
  • Discover the false beliefs that are behind the particular issue or conflict you are dealing with, and what the truth is.
  • Discover the right, best action to take for yourself

Other highlights of Module 2:

  • Your beliefs and behaviors are stored in a section of this module for later exploration.
  • If you get stuck, Module 2 gives you tools for getting unstuck.
  • Examples of other people’s experiences with the Six Step Inner Bonding process will help you further understand the process.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Module 2 includes an in depth training in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a tool for releasing overwhelming feelings. Using EFT will help you to clear away the noise and focus directly on finding and making your highest and best choices and actions.

Dr. David Gruder, psychologist and creator of The New IQ, created this section of SelfQuest, called “Releasing Overwhelming Feelings With Comprehensive Energy Psychotherapy.”

Module 3 – Supporting and Deepening Your Process

Once you become proficient in the Inner Bonding Process, you can then utilize ‘Your Personal Inner Bonding Journal.’ Your journal takes you through the Steps of Inner Bonding much more rapidly than in Module 2.

Module 3 also includes “Deepening the Process” – Specific areas for Exploration and Learning. These include:

  • Relationships
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Being in an Intent to Learn with Another
    • Relationship With Mate or Lover
    • Conflict at Work
    • Examples of Loving Boundaries
    • Boundary Checklist
    • Sexuality in Committed Relationships
    • Parenting
  • Anxiety and Depression, Happiness and Peace
  • Substance Addiction/Abuse
  • Spiritual Practice
  • Dreams – created by Nancy Weston, an expert in Dreamwork.
  • Global Issues Related to Personal Healing

All three modules are integrated with each other, so that you can easily go from one to the other.

Developing Your Marketing Plan

  • Be sure to read through the entire SelfQuest Website. This will help you with your own presentation.
  • Targeting prospective clients
    • Your plan can include these targeted areas:
Marriage/Relationships – Relationships heal when each person learns how to take responsibility for their own feelings. Marriage problems occur when partners blame each other for their feelings and try to have control over getting each other to change. Working through SelfQuest gives an individual the tools necessary to love themselves and take responsibility for their own feeling, enabling them to share love with their partner. Even if only one person in the relationship does SelfQuest, the relationship can move toward healing.Parenting – Parents need to be role-models of personal responsibility for their children, and working through SelfQuest is a powerful way to become this role model. In addition, the Parenting section of SelfQuest will be extremely helpful to parents in moving beyond both authoritarian and permissive parenting and into loving parenting.
Personal Growth – self-healing of anxiety and depressionA primary cause of both anxiety and depression is the cycle of shame and self-abandonment that most people learned as they were growing up. The practice of Inner Bonding as taught in SelfQuest breaks this cycle and teaches people how to love and value themselves, which self-heals most anxiety and depression.Anxiety and depression are worldwide problems, and SelfQuest will be distributed worldwide – translated into many languages. There are many fertile markets for SelfQuest. For example, in the UK, hundreds of thousands of people have to wait up to two years for help with depression. The British government could save millions by distributing SelfQuest to these people.Churches – Both religious and spiritual growth

SelfQuest facilitates the development of a personal connection with an inner or spiritual source of guidance. It doesn’t matter what religion a person is, or even whether or not they believe in God, for them to benefit from learning how to have this connection. It’s here for everyone and SelfQuest teaches you how to access this love, comfort, truth and wisdom.

Addiction Recovery – People turn to addictions when they are suffering pain that they don’t know how to manage or learn from. SelfQuest teaches people how to manage even deeply painful feelings without having to turn to addictions. Addiction centers do not do a good job of teaching this, and these centers are fertile arenas in which to sell SelfQuest membership.

Health and Wellness/Alternative Medicine – Research indicates that 90% of illness is due to stress, and that 90% of doctor visits are stress-related. SelfQuest teaches people how to manage the stress of life in ways that releases it rather than storing it in the body – which eventually leads to illness.

Education: High Schools and Universities – We have a student version of SelfQuest that we hope will eventually be part of health education in high schools. SelfQuest would also be extremely useful as part of training teachers and psychotherapists.

Corporations/Business Environments – Please see for the benefits to employers. We anticipate that employees will have fewer sick days and less conflict in the workplace, as well as more creativity and personal responsibility. Businesses could provide the program to their employees as a benefit to both the employer and employee.

Prisons and the VA For Returning Vets – We have a prison version of SelfQuest. Many prisons have computers available. Each program is completely encrypted and private – there is no way for anyone else to access the input information. Inmates will be give a pre-test and a post-test.

Often, returning vets are hesitant to see a therapist for fear of it being on their record and making it harder for them to get a job. Returning vets have a very high suicide rate and divorce rate. SelfQuest will be of huge benefit to them. We are currently testing it with some vets with very good results.

Cultural Creatives – You may want to focus your plan on what are called ‘Cultural Creatives.’ Currently, about 33% of the population are considered to be Cultural Creatives. These are the people who are most interested in personal and spiritual growth and healing.

Face-to-Face and Group Presentations

    • Develop your presentation for an individual client or group.
      • This can include the PowerPoint presentation, which you can download below.
      • Share your personal experience with SelfQuest – how it has changed your life, and how you continue to use it
        • Share what has been important to you
        • Bring your excitement and passion for the program – your presentation will be far more powerful when it comes from your passion about SelfQuest.
      • If you have a laptop or an iPad, you can demonstrate the online program.
      • You might want to hand out a printed sheet of testimonials.
      • Answer questions – see FAQs below
      • Give public lectures and presentations
  • Identify your personal challenges to selling/promoting SelfQuest
    • You might want to use SelfQuest to work on the challenges you identify as obstacles in selling/promoting Self Quest.
    • What loving actions would you need to take regarding applying the Inner Bonding process to yourself to enhance your business?
    • You might want develop your vision for selling/promoting SelfQuest, and then emotionally feel your vision. This is a powerful way to manifest!


Selling on Your Website

  • Integrate SelfQuest into your website:
    • Utilize the banners, which you can download below.
    • Put Inner Bonding articles on your website, and/or write your own and send them to other sites.
    • Offer the PowerPoint presentation on your website.
  • Advertising and social media:
  • Advertise on Facebook and Google
  • Social Media – develop your presence on Facebook with your Page; Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube are excellent arenas in which to promote your business.
  • Email campaign – you can use our SelfQuest email, or develop your own. You might want different length for difference audiences. See the Supporting Documents for you to download.

Affiliate Resources

Email Campaign

The email campaign can be an effective follow up tool for a large audience. The average number of contacts required to make a sale is eight. To be successful, be persistent and remind people of their desire to own SelfQuest. These emails templates can form the basis of a highly effective followup strategy.

MS-Word-2-iconDownload Emails

FAQs: Questions from Prospective Customers

These questions from real world SelfQuest customers will prepare you for the questions that your audience will have on the SelfQuest Product. They can be helpful in discussions and in the creation of sales letters and presentations regarding SelfQuest.

MS-Word-2-iconDownload FAQs


These banners will attract attention to your promotional content on your web site, newsletters and in email campaigns.

Adobe-PDF-iconDownload Banners, zip file

PowerPoint Presentation

The PowerPoint presentation is your tool for communicating the benefits of SelfQuest with audiences in person.

PowerPoint-iconDownload PowerPoint Presentation


These statements from real world SelfQuest Alumni will help you to build confidence and desire to try the SelfQuest Product.

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