SelfQuest® –
Your Personal Toolbox for Managing Life’s Challenges


As you are reading this you may sense the gap between where you are now and where you truly want to be. You may have been brought here by the desire to have more … the desire to do more … the desire to be more than who you’ve been in your life up to now.

SelfQuest® was developed by doctors Margaret Paul and Erika Chopich, best selling authors of many self-help books that have been translated into numerous languages and are available internationally. You may have seen them on Oprah, or heard them on other radio and TV programs.

They have helped thousands of individuals and couples with common as well as severe life challenges. Through a lifetime of research and dedication to the well-being of their clients, they have co-developed a powerful self-healing process that has made true and lasting self-improvement a reality for tens of thousands of followers world-wide.

Learn more about doctors Margaret Paul and Erika Chopich.

“Self Quest is amazing. I’m calling it my personal therapist. It is so insightful and creates an awareness of the depths that exist within me. In this short amount of time, I have been able to heal some very deep wounds and scars from previous traumatic experiences….the material is so good….Thank you so much for creating this program, I absolutely love it.”
–Levette Brown, Customer Service Representative, Learning Strategies Corporation

Now this powerful, self-healing process is available in the form of an interactive online program that delivers both rapid and lasting results.

SelfQuest® advanced transformational technology is designed to move you out of feeling like a victim and into personal responsibility for your feelings and behavior. It will transform your thinking out of patterns of shame and self-abandonment and into compassionate caring for yourself and others.

Using SelfQuest®, you finally self-heal the core shame of believing that you are not good enough. You will heal self-abandonment and problems with spouses, partners, friends, children, family, co-workers, aloneness, emptiness, anxiety, depression and addictions. SelfQuest creates profound connections with yourself and others that heals emptiness, aloneness and loneliness, unleashing creativity, imagination, passion and purpose, love and joy!

“I am loving it!…wanted to let you know how comprehensive and thorough and inspiring and enlightening I have found it to be. This is a HUGE tool, and for it to be so easily navigate-able makes it so user friendly….a tool that can directly trigger healing around addictions, depression, PTSD, relationships and anxiety (among other challenges) that keep us from the harmony of who we truly are.”
–Alanis Morissette, singer, songwriter

Why SelfQuest® goes beyond other self help programs

Having more knowledge by reading books and listening to self-help audio doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have the tools to heal yourself. SelfQuest® works with both your conscious and sub-conscious mind: While you do the practice and follow the SelfQuest® program you rapidly become conscious of the beliefs and behavior patterns that cause your suffering and relationship problems.

Many clients have reported that their consciousness started to ‘shift’ to a higher state of awareness, allowing them to experience more joy and be more present. Unlike many other spiritual and self-help courses, the SelfQuest® self-healing process facilitates the healing of the underlying shame and insecurity that leads to the approval-seeking that is responsible for so many relationship and self-esteem challenges and keeps us from making permanent, lasting changes for the better. How does SelfQuest do this?  As Coby Gordon of Knoxville, TN states, “…the true subtleties of the ‘How’ are almost subliminal. Once things start to click, one piece builds on another so seamlessly that the student gets whisked along, gathering skills along the way almost despite herself.

The technology presented in SelfQuest® guides you through your personal history and behavior profile, helping you become aware of your fears and limiting beliefs. It helps you recognize and heal any uncaring, destructive, and self-abandoning behaviors you may be experiencing.