SelfQuest Module 3 - Achieve

Module 3 also includes “Deepening the Process” – Specific areas for Exploration and Learning. These include:

  • Relationships
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Being in an Intent to Learn with Another
    • Relationship With Mate or Lover
    • Conflict at Work
    • Examples of Loving Boundaries
    • Boundary Checklist
    • Sexuality in Committed Relationships
    • Parenting
  • Anxiety and Depression, Happiness and Peace
  • Substance Addiction/Abuse
  • Spiritual Practice
  • Dreams – created by Nancy Weston, an expert in Dreamwork.
  • Global Issues Related to Personal Healing

All three modules are integrated with each other, so that you can easily go from one to the other.

The SelfQuest® transformational healing software is the result of eighteen years of development and testing, which is the result of over 80 combined years that we have been working to develop the Inner Bonding® process.

Deep and Lasting Emotional Freedom Awaits!

Dr. Margaret Paul, Ph.D., and Dr. Erika Chopich, Ph.D.



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