SelfQuest Module 1 - Discover

Module 1: The Foundation guides you in the exploration of your personal history and your belief system. You will become aware of the many false beliefs that are currently limiting you in manifesting your full potential. You will know the root causes of the behaviors that hold you back.

Module 1 includes:

  • In-depth exploration of ‘Your Personal History’. In this section you will delve deeper into your personal history, childhood, relationships and more.
  • Your ‘Personal Behavior Profile.’ In this section you will explore your fears and false beliefs that keep you limited. The questions and prompts guide you in recognizing the causes of your unproductive, unhealthy beliefs and behaviors.
  • Exercises for Discovering and Understanding your Behavior include:
    • How I am Like MY Parents
    • Exercises for Discovering Your Wounded Self
    • Exercises for Discovering Your Core Self
    • Exercises for Beginning to Create Your Loving Adult
  • Visualizations to help you in your learning and growth include:
    • Opening to Learning Meditation
    • Discovering Your Wounded Self
    • Tools and Prompts “Supporting  Your Progress” include:
    • Remembering the Past
    • Contacting Your Guidance and Your Inner Child
    • Connecting and Opening
    • Connection and Commitment
    • And more
  • Charts of the Process include:
    • Inner Bonding Journey to Wholeness
    • Connection-Disconnection
    • Self-Worth
  • Glossary and other Learning Opportunities

The SelfQuest® transformational healing software is the result of fifteen years of development and testing, which is the result of over 72 combined years that we have been working to develop the Inner Bonding® process.

Deep and Lasting Emotional Freedom Awaits!

Dr. Margaret Paul, Ph.D., and Dr. Erika Chopich, Ph.D.



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